Musicians, blues rock fans based in South Wales, keeping blues rock alive an kickin for all ages.


LOL, we all get it, from time to time.

Authentic blues has always been a great therapy. Ageless music, anyone, any age, can authenticate it with their own interpretation. It’s been inspiration for many, indeed most, with passing years more and more return to it . Imagine a night to share this in many forms, inclusively without judgmental, competitive ego shit and pissing contests that live in the void of emotional intelligence in the music biz.

Imagine young artists, sharing a great stage with road worn souls, top quality sound, production, aspiration for all to up their game, delighting in delighting a genuine blues aware audience. Imagine a fresh vibe for the Cardiff blues scene. Imagine a community of musicians, blues music followers making the most of that.


Community to encourage friendship, networking amongst blues rock fans and musicians
•Provide extra opportunities for local artists, fans to enjoy live music.
•Opportunities to learn, participate, enjoy involvement.

Events, live show (usually) each month providing a unique opportunity for blues, blues rock fans and performers based around South Wales.