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April 4th, 2011

after 5 shows, over 30 musos play the Globe for the 1st time. We hope you enjoyed discovering the amazing Blues Rock Talent in South Wales! Best attended night was between Christmas and New Year with crowd of 80 plus, but, attendance fell to 50-60 Mar April. The GLOBE’s overheads are too much for them at this level. The last event also incorporated a live workshop, which worked well and those who came are keen to repeat, so we need to re-think venues alongside the GLOBE to find a less overhead option, odd date which may enable attendance to make it work at the Globe. Meanwhile, with plenty of Cardiff based shows over the next few months the BLUES ROCK CLUB will take a break until September. MOJOJIM & the MUDDY WULFS hv a few local gigs coming up, Legends Blues Club, Patriots MC (with Sam Andrews) and in Cardiff, Cafe Jazz, Friday 13th May, Beaufort Theatre in June, District in July see details here, no doubt we will be joined by a few of the artists we enjoyed getting to know at the BLUES ROCK CLUB. Here are details/links to other artists that played the BLUES ROCK CLUB. Meanwhile a huge thank you to the GLOBE for supporting these events, Carl DeAbreu, Di Hughes for work capturing media for the artists, everyone who attended. C u next Autumn, BRC.

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